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A COMPLETE Trading System That Generates
Amazingly Accurate BUY/SELL Signals AND Exit Signals,
PLUS Reveals the Trend Direction Like Nothing You've Ever Seen!

Can Trade Multiple Pairs on Multiple Charts...


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A Complete Forex System in ONE Powerful Indicator Set:

We've taken POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE trading methodologies and blended them into ONE SIMPLE, EASY-TO-USE and CLEAR-AS-DAY algorithmic indicator set that is the basis for trend identification, high-probability BUY and SELL Entry signals, and TP/SL (Take Profit / Stop Loss) Exits!   We've pulled it all together into one clean and super-easy system to generate absolutely amazing signals right on your Metatrader charts!...


The High-Precision Trend Line

What if you want to catch LARGE MOVES in the market?  Well the Trend Line makes that possible!  The Platinum Forex Trader Trend Line is one of the most accurate trend indicators ever devised.


You'll be amazed when you load it onto your charts and see just how effective it is.  While the internal calculations of the indicator are algorithmically and mathematically complex, it is EXTREMELY EASY to read..


Blue indicates an UP Trend and Orange indicates a DOWN trend and the LARGE ARROWS reveal the moment the indicator's direction changes (as seen on the screenshot below).

The Trend Line portion of this indicator ALONE is worth the entire price of the system, but we didn't stop there...


Easy BUY / SELL and EXIT Signals Plotted Right Your Charts

If you know what an ARROW is, then you can trade this system! 


As discussed above the LARGE ARROWS appear when the Trend Line changes color and can be used as Trend Following ENTRY POINTS. This is particularly effective if the currency pairs, or other markets, you're trading have been in a period of frequent trending and high volatility. 


The Large Arrow Entries make it possible to enter a trade as soon as the Trend Line changes color, and then ride that trend for a period of time to maximize potential profits.


And even more we've included automatically calculated EXIT signals that can be used in addition to your own discretionary Take Profit Targets and Stop Loss levels. 

Two Types of ENTRIES For Even More Opportunity!

The Smaller Arrows are a SECOND ENTRY SIGNAL...  They always plot in the DIRECTION of the Trend Line and there can be multiple small-arrow entry signals during an already established trend.


As with the Trend Line a Blue Arrow is a BUY Entry Signal and an Orange Arrow is a SELL Entry Signal.


The KEY to a profitable trade is getting in at a good price so that you have plenty of opportunity to exit with substantial profits or small losses.   The Platinum Forex Trader entries can do just that


Of course, no system in the world wins 100% of the time but professional traders know that a HIGH-PROBABILITY SYSTEM is what it takes to make money in the markets with consistency and having that edge is the secret to WINNING trading..


When you see how much opportunity there is with these signals you'll agree that Platinum Forex Trader is the trading system you've been waiting for.  Put it on more than one pair/market or chart and you can multiply those opportunities!


Can Trade MULTIPLE Forex Pairs

Why trade only one currency pair or market when you can trade several for even more potential profit?  Platinum Forex Trader can be put on several charts all at the same time and ALERT Notifications can be set to notify you every time the Trend Line changes and Large Arrows appear, BUY/SELL Entry Arrows appear, AND when Exit Signals appear...

INCLUDES Alert Notifications Generated From Your Charts:

No need to stare at charts for hours upon hours waiting for an entry or exit signal to show up.
YOU ARE IN CONTROL of the settings by adjusting the input parameters and can then set the alerts...

- Audible Signal Alerts: Get audible alert once a Signal/Arrow, or Exit occurs.
- Email Alerts: Can Send e-mail Alerts.
- Mobile Phone Push Notifications: Can Send SMS text message Alerts right to your Mobile Phone, if you so choose.

This is How Platinum Forex Trader Would Look ON YOUR CHARTS:


Download "Platinum Forex Trader" TODAY!


- Unlimited Software Support By Email


- VIDEO Tutorials for Installation and How to Use (The Entire System Explained)

- Complete Downloadable PDF Instruction Guide That Explains Everything:

- How To Install and Load Platinum Forex Trading Onto Your Charts (Template Included for Easy Chart Setup)

- How to Use The Indicator with Complete BUY/SELL Entry and Exit Signals Tutorial

- Detailed Description of the Input Parameters for Maximum Results

- How to Setup and Use the Optional (Audible, Email, or Text) Alerts!

Platinum Forex Trader Is A COMPLETE Professional-Level Trading Indicator System with BUY/SELL Entry Signals and Exits that is Compatible with Metatrader (MT4) and is in a class of software that usually sells for 10X what we're asking...

TODAY You Can Download The Complete Platinum Forex Trader,
As Shown Above, and Take Your FOREX Trading to the Next Level
For a 
ONE-TIME Low Cost of ONLY $97!


YES! There's a Money-Back GUARANTEE!

If you're not completely satisfied, then upon your request within 7 days, we'll issue a refund and deactivate your copy of the Platinum Forex Trader. All we ask is that you give us your honest feedback because, like our other products, this trading system works incredibly well.  However we highly doubt it will come to that as the system is amazing and our support team is available for questions and will get back to you in a timely manner and answer any technical question you may have! We always treat our members with the utmost respect.

Instant Access for Download NOW:

Don't Miss Out!
The Platinum Forex Trader is not just an indicator but rather a COMPLETE Trading System.
Download it now and See it for yourself on your Forex Charts

By purchasing the Platinum Forex Trader, you confirm that you understand,
AGREE to and accept the risk disclosure and terms and conditions.

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